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Wipe out is a type 3 high CBD cultivar bred by Hoku seed Co. This Indica dominant hybrid is one of the recent winners from our CBD phenohunt. Its large, dense buds are glistening with resin. The smells and flavors are super gassy, with a smooth, sweet flavor on the backend. This flower is going to be in the rotation for awhile.

Wipe Out Genetics by Hoku: Eraser Kush x Sour Lemonhead OG

Eraser Kush: Eraser x Remedy Kush Diesel

Sour Lemonhead OG: T1 x Kush Hemp

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  • 5
    Wiped out my Wipeout!

    Posted by gg on May 6th 2024

    I loved this CBD strain. Very dank indica strain that had me memory-foamed into my couch. Chill and mellow. I was recovering from a bad head cold so I can’t say anything about the taste or smell. But I will be definitely getting more!

  • 4
    Dayumn you so purdy

    Posted by toemosdapfunk on Apr 6th 2024

    This one is a winner from appearance alone. My 7g arrived full of robust, good sized chonkers with a pleasant stickiness at the breakdown. Aroma is there, but not exactly a stand out. Solid cbd effects that bring on a heavy body and relaxed breathing, while the level headedness remains. This one is worth a try for looks alone!

  • 5

    Posted by Manuel on Feb 1st 2024

    This is an amazing type 3 strain. I feel a wave of relaxation that’s manifested as a buzz in my head. It’s really potent medicinally, very calming. And it comes with no anxiety or feeling self conscious. This is the hardest hitting type 3 I’ve tried, with side piece #2 and shaolin temple from clutch city farms being close. Overall this got me clear headed, relaxed and unbothered.

  • 5
    Had to update and change to 5 stars

    Posted by Evan on Jan 7th 2024

    After a few days in a mason jar with a boost pack this wipeout flower came alive, now getting a very nice sweet pine/gas scent that is more prominent. The cure is perfection and the buds feel and look perfect. It’s sticky without destroying your grinder and The smoke is beyond clean and smooth with that beautiful almost white ash, just leaps above anything I’ve had and I dare say my favorite to date, even took my number one spot over side piece #2, the experience is one that must be had if your looking for that pure sweet gas magic. And last the effects are super potent, very indica and hits you right behind the eyes and you feel floaty throughout body. Thank you flow.

  • 4
    Pure gas ⛽️

    Posted by Evan on Jan 5th 2024

    This is some nice flower . Not very loud but very pleasant old school smell. Very nice smoke and, not as much resin as I hoped for but adequate. For hemp it’s great.