Flow Christmas Box
Flow Christmas Box
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Cannabis Cup Winners

Orange Glaze #3

1st Place - 2022

Emerald Cup


1st Place - 2022 - Med Grow Summit

2nd Place - 2022 - Emerald Cup

Blue Cheese #12

1st Place - 2022

High Times Cup

Indoor cannabis flower grown in East Tennessee

Hydroponic and Organic Offerings

Controlled Indoor Environment

Bi-weekly Harvests

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I've been going through temp companies for the last 4 years and this is by far the best there is that I found.


Awesome quality flower. Great customer service and very fast shipping.


Got got 8th of banana mac yesterday.very fast shipping.smells just like bananas.love the container.my favorite hemp container from any hemp company.

Joshua mullins

This is legitimately the best hemp I have ever smoked. I can't believe
the hemp industry has come this far. This flower is absolutely insane in
taste, effects, smell, bag appeal. I'm impressed.


This right here is one of the best hemp experiences I have ever had. The bouquet of this flower is exquisitely fruity, as is the flavor. It is an exceptionally enjoyable smoke.... The effects can only be
described as one of the best entourages that hemp has to offer. Wonderfully relaxing and uplifting, delicious, fragrant, and very pretty. Top-shelf all around. It is one of my top two favorite
flowers.... The other is Bordeaux. I honestly cannot tell which one I
like better. A+++++ Flow Gardens. I'm a fan.


The cure, nose, and bag appeal are the best of any of the other high CBD Cannabis I have purchased recently. Imagine inhaling a deep, complex red wine, with notes of Pineapple, coffee and pine. The flavor holds up amazingly in full session all the way up to 405 in my Mighty. The
effects. Oh lawd, the effects. This is a fantastic strain for ANY stress
and for pain relief. This is literally the perfect end of day strain,
or mid day, if you just want to smile and feel good about the world for a little bit. Can't wait to see what is next from these dudes.