COA Directory

Locate the Corresponding strain from the top of your packaging.
Please Note- Due to the 2022 law changes, all COAs listed with a 2022 date are PRE-harvest compliance tests. These cannabinoids are not a true representation of the final post harvest flower. All flower is federally compliant. 
Strain Detailed COA
Purple Haze

Cali Gold
Tennessee Tangie
Forbidden V
Orange Glaze
Sour Lifter
Blackberry Gleaux
Strawberry Cheesecake
Pink Panther
Cashmere Kitty
Circles CBG
Sour Blueberry Kush
Shaolin Gleaux Temple
Carolina Gleaux
Lemon (Carolina) Cookies
B.O.B. (ACDC x Powerberry)
Unicorn Butter
Paradise OG
TN Moonshine
SPK x Syrian
Blue Cheese #23
Legendary Platinum OG
Bangers & Bananas
Blueberry Cough Drops
Skunk Butter
Death Eater
Blue Meringue
Cherry Herer
Pink Pineapple
Blunicorn Massacre
Blue Diesel
Sour Tsunami
Mango Tree
OG Gelato
Eraser V
Cakeberry Brulee
Orange Dreamsicle
Chocolate CAPS
Alpen Flow
Pina Colada
Other Products
Detailed COA
Delta 9 Gummies
Broad Spectrum Gummies
Sift- Banana Mac
Sift- Blueberry Muffin
Sift- Purple Haze
Sift- Bordeaux
Banana Mac Pre-Roll
Bordeaux/Blueberry Muffin Pre-Roll
Cannatonic/Orange Glaze Pre-Roll