Unicorn Shoes

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Sativa Dominant
THCa: 21%


Unicorn Shoes is an intriguing Indica dominant hybrid, created through the crossbreeding of Unicorn Sherbert and Cement Shoes strains. This fusion results in a strain with a unique flavor profile, characterized by sweet and fruity notes, complemented by gassy and kushy undertones. The breeder, Cult Classic Seeds, is known for their innovative strains, combining the desirable traits of their parent strains. Unicorn Shoes is appreciated for its balanced effects, offering both relaxation and mental clarity, making it a versatile choice for both recreational and medicinal cannabis users. Its alluring blend of flavors and the breeder's reputation make it a sought-after strain among enthusiasts.

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  • 5

    Posted by Edward Forton on Dec 6th 2023

    Worked well blended with B.O.B.

  • 4
    Better than...

    Posted by TRENT COOPER on Nov 29th 2023

    I've tried a lot of cannabis in general so to be specific on why I like this stuff, the terps were my favorite kind and the bag appeal was good but I'm looking for stronger effects that really smack you for an hour. This was like a buzz so I had to keep smoking and went through the whole Oz in 6 days lol

  • 4

    Posted by A D on Nov 29th 2023

    popcorn sized smalls, solid effects. iirc, some mild confusion with it being listed on site as sativa but label on the bag indicated indica, which was fine.

  • 5

    Posted by John King on Nov 27th 2023

    Beat quality bud white ash smooth burn and great flavors

  • 5
    Bees knees atom 9

    Posted by Trent on Nov 22nd 2023

    This stuff wonderfully wreaks just the way I want. Smells good, looks good, taste good! This was my first purchase from flow but have tried numerous thca flower and this is where I'll be spending my money from now on. No more boogie plug showing up late lol

  • 4
    White Part of a Bomb Pop

    Posted by Foink on Nov 18th 2023

    Flower: Almost all smalls with 2 good medium sized nugs, but very well trimmed. Smell: Strongly floral and gassy Taste: Like the white part of a bomb pop, or like those luigi lemon ice things. Flavor was consistent throughout the joint and even left quite a nice aftertaste.

  • 5
    Unicorn Shoes

    Posted by Todd on Nov 13th 2023

    Flow doesn’t disappoint. Smooth tasty smoke!

  • 5
    Top shelf and special in every way

    Posted by Toucannabis on Nov 5th 2023

    As soon as I saw Unicorn Shoes I had to grab some, Cult Classics Seeds is an amazing breeder. I’m very familiar with the lineage. Kurple Fantasy, one of the grandparents of this strain, is my all time favorite flower. I’ve grown Unicorn Sherbert - it is a stand-out, as is Cement Shoes - so Unicorn Shoes was bound to be amazing. But how is the flower, does it live up to my own hype? Yes. Cult Classics Seeds + Flow Gardens = sheer bliss. This is some of the nicest flower I’ve gotten in a hot minute, good value for the money. The flower is reminiscent of Unicorn Sherbert but adds a sandalwood note that really does it for me. Structure leans KF ? The medicinal effects are exactly what I look for, I love this strain! I almost didn’t write a review to keep the secret so it’ll stay in stock but that’s not fair to Flow Gardens. So booyah! All I can say is please keep this in stock and more CCS please (especially the KF progeny)!