Type 3 Sample Pack

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Can't decide what to buy? Choose an assortment of the best! This sample pack contains 1 gram of each of the following Type 3 strains: 

White Cheddar


Paradise OG


*New strains will rotate in the sample pack as new genetics are grown for you! 

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  • 5

    Posted by Donald R Dugan Sr on May 6th 2024

    I ordered the same, and ordered the “SENSAMELIA and it was “STUPENDOUS and SPECTACULAR”…

  • 5
    My first order from Flow...

    Posted by Jeffrey Berry on Apr 11th 2024

    I received my order of Type 3 sampler in a very timely manner. Packaging was exceptional and had no arroma. Im very pleased with the Legendary OG, Fabled, Gassed Up and the CBG White Cheddar. Will now start ordering larger sizes. Good East TN products.

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    The best...

    Posted by Amy Lovett on Mar 26th 2024

    Great way to try new strains and all of them are fantastic

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    Surprisingly Good

    Posted by Dan on Mar 25th 2024

    This was my first time trying hemp. I was a stoner in college but at some point it just started making me anxious (around the time in life I started having responsibilities and more existential ponderings). I would enjoy the latter half of a THC high during come down when it was relaxing, particularly flower, but hated that I had to go through what felt like a mental trial to get to it where I would relentlessly examine the life I was living in a critical light in the most intrusive way possible. THC really stopped being enjoyable for me and I had to cease using it for many years. I tried again later when my life was in a better place and had mixed experiences. Eventually I stumbled across hemp as an alternative that featured everything that cannabis has to offer (terpenes, minority cannabinoids, polyphenols, and flavonoids), without THC being present in significant quantities. I was skeptical at first that I would feel anything other than placebo, but I was mistaken. When I use hemp, I get a warm, inviting, comfortable energy. It’s purely additive and appropriate at any time. The minimal presence of THC provides a very slight lift and everything else is more than enough to jump start a physical activity in the morning or knock me out in the evening. I couldn’t be happier with my experience so far, and after trying a number of different vendors, Flow Gardens definitely has the highest quality product I’ve tried so far. This is what I always wanted with regular cannabis, and just didn’t know it. I appreciate the attention to quality and details of the cultivation process. If you’re on the fence, this sampler is a great place to start. Just give it a shot and see how you feel.

  • 5

    Posted by Trey Barstow on Feb 28th 2024

    Awesome way to try out different strains and see what works best for you.

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    Highest quality flower I have ever seen

    Posted by Tim on Jan 29th 2024

    This is some of the best flower I have ever seen. Flow Gardens is by far the leader in this industry. I will be purchasing from them from now on. The flower was better than flower I can get at my dispensary (I'm out west)

  • 5
    Sample pack

    Posted by Mike on Jan 26th 2024

    All of the bud I got in the sample pack was A1 pressure, I definitely recommend everyone to try it out to see what you like, also the white cheddar is mainly cbg which is cool. All 4 samples had intense smell, flavor and effects, but the smell and quality of this bud is just wow, not to mention the price.

  • 5

    Posted by Rayme Shrader on Dec 9th 2023

    Received the sample pack of not three but four separate strains of type 1 and type 3. Both were very decently priced considering the quality and packaging. I was super duper stoked about the type one strains that totally thca topped and tapped me out. No surprise, I had to try them all and it was like when I used to steal my uncle's stash back in the 80s when I was a kid, and how blasted I would get from it cuz I would smoke so much that's what happened to me. Once a day or so past I went ahead and did it the right way and I believe that was about two and a half maybe three or four weeks ago and I'm still smoking on it! It's still fresh and it's still super pungent both type 1 and type 3 I recommend both for smoker out there especially the ones who are cheap like myself. High class white trash :-) thanks flow gardens for the nice arrangement. And there were several compliments from outside parties whom happened to see it. Or whom happened to enjoy some of it as well. A+ I would definitely order again but I think I'm going to go for the mixed quarter ounce for $30 which is always at least 10 g Plus. The type 1 and type 3 sample packs are worth it for anybody who likes to have a variety for a price that's better than just okay! What I got it I didn't even use any promo codes because it was cheap enough! You guys rock, so I'm going to roll out. Peace ✌️ Pot ? Microdot ?

  • 5
    As good a quality as their type 1's

    Posted by Franklinsspawn10 on Dec 5th 2023

    Was impressed with these!! Just as pretty and high quality as the type 1's. Can't wait to try some more strains!!