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Sativa Dominant
CBD: 18%
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Grapefruit is a sativa dominant strain that has also tested at our highest total cannabinoid content. It’s effects are very noticeable. It’s important to remember that Grapefruit is not intended to provide psychoactive effects, so if you’re looking for a stoney feeling, you won’t find it here. Instead, users note that after a few puffs they simply feel like a new and improved version of themselves. A boost in mood that ranges from increased happiness to sheer euphoria is common, and often times you’ll find that you’re better able to focus on the tasks in front of you.

1st Place Med Grow Cup -2022

2nd Place Emerald Cup - 2022

2nd place in the Southern Champions Cup - 2021

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  • 5
    It was...

    Posted by Brayden Brekke on Jan 31st 2024

    Great dope.

  • 4
    interesting subtle and...

    Posted by Egbert Hamstankh Vonkleepmanschaft on Jan 17th 2024

    I enjoy the distinct subtle activity high. It tastes great in my vape and I think its a great relaxing productivity enhancer. I feel like the effects are not as hard hitting or noticable as other strains from this website, but I really appreciate the uniqueness of it. I have not tried one like it. I feel like its very relaxing and uplifting without being too psychoactive. I like how its more like a cup of coffee magnitude effect. I think its hard to review stuff like this. I dont know if I would buy it again based on my needs, I feel like I would give it to my grand ma to relax her though. I like mixing it with other strains to add another layer to experience.

  • 5

    Posted by Darren A on Jan 10th 2024

    One of the best CBD strains I have had. Great taste and easy on the lungs when vaped. Effects are instant uplift and tranquility. This is top shelf!

  • 5

    Posted by Daz on Jan 3rd 2024

    Absolutely a delight! Great taste and smell. Uplifting strain that is up there with my favorite sativas!

  • 5
    Blown Away!

    Posted by N.Nut on Oct 16th 2023

    Such a beautiful bud! These tree nuggs look too nice to smoke but I'm so glad I did. The aroma, flavor, and draw smoothness are all as top notch as the appearance. And then there's the effects: Grapefruit gives nice uplifting sativa effects with a nice calming mellowness. Not too heavy as some other strains can be for me. An overall stellar top shelf product right here. Flow Gardens really knows what they are doing to say the least. Their care and expertise really shines consistently. A+++

  • 5
    It's the best

    Posted by DanJ on Oct 16th 2023

    This is the best CBD flower ever created. I've had this from a few places and it's always amazing if the grow is good but these guys are ,hands down, the best at cultivating and curing this flower. It is insanely juicy and delicious on the nose. The buds are firm dense nuggets of deliciousness... just green juicy dank nuggets of CBD goodness. It smokes so clean and it dry flower vapes so fruity. The effects are so potent. Most CBD flower, by itself, doesn't have an impact gram for gram that Grapefruit does. It is a really good day time strain, as many others have commented. It's not really energetic and I don't really feel my heart rate increase or anything like that it's just a very clear headed focus comes on my and my mood is lifted ,motivated and I just feel... better. You can absolutely feel that 20% + CBD when you consume this. This is true medicine. I continue to pheno hunt for the best type 2 and 3s, and while I've definitely come across some amazing strains, this one still stands out as being one of the best.

  • 5
    My Go To

    Posted by Michael on Oct 16th 2023

    Amazing strain for the day and evening. Taste exactly like ripening grapefruit. This is my go to strain for pain relief and to basically get my head straight from stress that is daily life. Amazing, amazing, amazing. Type 3 Sativa and it never disappoints. Bless.

  • 5
    You want terps, this has terps!

    Posted by Cheryl on Oct 16th 2023

    Wonderful grapefruit aroma and flavor, a bit of cream on the exhale as an added bonus. Great daytime variety for tamping down pain when you need to be productive. A gentle relaxing sensation without becoming sedating. Truly impressive.

  • 5
    Entourage Barrage from Terptown

    Posted by John K on Oct 16th 2023

    I've generally been a fan of the spicier Flow grows, but man oh man.... This stuff hits me just right. I picked up some smalls from WNC-CBD's 4th of July sale, and I am glad that I did. They weren't exactly smalls... Definitely some full sized nugs. I can feel some nice entourage effects with this.. Uplifting yet calming, and takes the edge off of pain without leaving me zooted. It's got a citrus funk to its sticky stanky dank. My new go-to day strain. I can see why it's award winning. This is some beautiful flower. Thank you, Flow, for your commitment to quality. A+++