Strawberry Cough

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Sativa Dominant
THCa: 25%

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Strawberry Cough is a beloved cannabis strain known for its sweet, fruity flavor and distinctive aroma. This old school strain bred by Kyle Kushman, is a sativa-dominant (80/20) hybrid that combines Haze and Strawberry Fields strains. The taste profile is marked by a delightful strawberry-cream sweetness with menthol undertones. Its aroma is equally captivating, offering a blend of berry and tropical fruit scents, often accompanied by a subtle hint of spiciness. Strawberry Cough is celebrated for its uplifting and euphoric effects, making it a popular choice among cannabis enthusiasts seeking an energetic, creative high, while its flavor and breeder's reputation add to its enduring appeal. She tests high in Terpinolene with over 3% total terpenes and 25% in THCa.

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  • 5

    Posted by JH on Apr 21st 2024

    Nice looking buds, unique taste, and long lasting effects..great wake n bake!?

  • 5

    Posted by Peyton Pardo on Apr 17th 2024

    Best sativa i've had in my year long cannabis journey, extremely potent and it has a bit of a delayed effect that creeps up over 20 mins.

  • 4

    Posted by Joey St.Clair on Apr 17th 2024

    It was good quality and lived up to its name solid 4 star only because it's potency not as high as others I've ordered

  • 5
    On point

    Posted by Zach on Apr 13th 2024

    The best kind of medicine: calming, uplifting and energizing all at the same time. No raciness. Even better with some CBG mixed in!

  • 5

    Posted by Ryan Tully on Apr 11th 2024

    Okay look, I fully realize you aren't going to post this and I'll be surprised if you do.. I e-mailed you about the fact I didn't actually GET the cough, and you sent me 2 Permanent Markers which I took photos of and included in the email. I thought I was okay with that actually, because I love PM, however this bud doesn't resemble PM at all. It certainly does not smell even close to the strain that I know. It can smell like hay through drying/curing, but all I'm getting is hay and the normal baseline cannabis scent (though light). I didn't include this part in the email, but I've had time to sit and test it thoroughly. This definitely seems more like a hash or pressing flower maybe? However I love the Cough! That smelled delightful! I also love everything else about my previous orders, specially the BOB. Just kind of annoying to not get a reply about the issue at all, then get another e-mail asking me how the bud I never got was. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Cough is actually right on the nose. Literally! It smells like you stepped into a field of strawberries. And she hit's like a freight train.. I forgot I was in the middle of a session and was surprised to see 3/4 of a bowl still waiting for me. They were big honkin' buds too! I would re-order in an instant!

  • 5
    Strawberry Cough - HELLO

    Posted by JH on Apr 4th 2024

    Wonderful wake n bake, superior bud structure, with an interesting smell/taste, along with an enlightening, hard smacking sativa high, lasting a good while. Surprisingly different thought provoking strain, that puts your mind in a zone. ???

  • 1

    Posted by Thomas Sodon on Mar 2nd 2024

    Smelled and tasted like hay. Headaches for days. Cured too fast, can’t fix it.

  • 5

    Posted by William Alexander Weiss Weiss on Feb 23rd 2024

    Very racy sativa effects. Pretty much need to smoke in joints as bongs will crush your lungs

  • 5

    Posted by Eric Hansen on Feb 21st 2024

    Love it, love it