Blue Dream

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Sativa Dominant
THCa: 24.5%

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Blue Dream is a sativa dominant hybrid made by crossing Blueberry and Haze. This strain known for its balanced and cerebral effects and full-body relaxation. It has gained a strong following in the cannabis community due to its well-rounded qualities. Blue Dream's exact breeder remains somewhat uncertain, but it is widely believed to be the creation of Santa Cruz-based breeder DJ Short, who is renowned for his work in the cannabis industry. The strain's genetics are linked to DJ Short's Blueberry and a Haze strain, resulting in a hybrid known for its harmonious effects.

Blue Dream's aroma is often described as a harmonious blend of earthy, fruity, and floral notes. When you take a whiff, you may detect hints of sweet berries, followed by a subtle earthiness that rounds out the scent. The aroma is inviting and captivating, making Blue Dream one of the most sought-after strains for its pleasant fragrance.

The flavor profile of Blue Dream mirrors its aroma. It typically offers a delightful mix of sweet blueberry, floral undertones, and a mild earthy note on the exhale. These flavors make it an appealing choice for those who appreciate a pleasant taste while enjoying its balanced effects.


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  • 5

    Posted by Darin on May 22nd 2024

    The blue dream has a nice fruity note, and it looks EXACTLY like the pictures. Burns smooth and tasted great. Bud's are dense and solid, but a tad dry personally. This reminds me of the first time I had Blue Dream back in 2015, with uplifting and almost giggly effects!! Top notch, will get more when they restock!!!

  • 5

    Posted by Dani on May 17th 2024

    Eases into a gentle high. Good for an evening relax when you want to sit and read or something easy, without the couch lock. Buds were big and fluffy.

  • 5
    better than illinois...

    Posted by Jeremiah Rogers on May 16th 2024

    better than illinois rec

  • 5

    Posted by Mike Fonz on May 11th 2024

    Great look, solid nose. Light green, very sticky with a bunch of trichs. Nice flavor and a solid buzz. Quite pleased with it

  • 5

    Posted by Levi Fleming on May 11th 2024

    I try to keep BD in rotation, this last batch was the best I've had in years

  • 5
    Just like high...

    Posted by Kemper Scott on May 9th 2024

    The real stuff

  • 5
    Blue dream

    Posted by Bob Williams on May 2nd 2024

    Perfect high for me

  • 5

    Posted by Brian F on May 1st 2024

    flowgardens does it again with this cut of blue dream. This has got to be the closest and i mean closest ive ever gotten to finding the original OG blue dream from back in the day. Smell 10/10 bag appeal 9/10 effects 10/10 i applaud you for this strain flow you did well

  • 5

    Posted by Donald Desselle on May 1st 2024

    Some of the best fruity terps I have ever experienced, not to mention the clear, clean buzz. If Flow offered half ounces or accepted Sezzle like Arete does I would purchase more often but they are top of the pricing model so it's easier financially if you can split payments with no interest like a credit card charges