Orange Dreamsicle

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This in house pheno of Orange Glaze x Chem/GG#4/MAC is so good, we almost named it BTB (better than BOB) This Sativa dominant hybrid, smells and tastes like heavy citrus and cream on the front end, that is followed with a dank gassy finish. This type 2 flower has over 10 different cannabinoids, 22% total cannabinoids and THCa and CBDa being the dominant two. Do not miss out on this one!!!

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    Type 2 Flower Is The Future Of...

    Posted by Nils Boserup on Dec 4th 2023

    Orange Dreamsicle & B.O.B. are in a class of their own and will be in my future

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    Posted by Brian on Oct 16th 2023

    Honestly can't believe how awesome this is. After quitting type 1 due to anxiety, I stayed away for a long time. Been missing it and studied up on CBD and type 2. All I can say is wow. What an incredible strain. It's just perfect for me. Great body load, mellow head. Zero running thoughts or anxiety! Thank you so much flow!

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    Posted by KW on Oct 16th 2023

    Closest comparison for me is probably Orange Creamsicle (type 1 THCA), only I did not realize just how muted Orange Cream was by comparison until I acquired this one. Flow is definitely doing right by the fruity/citrus strains!

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    Posted by Chris on Oct 16th 2023

    Delicious strain, smokes smooth and tastes like oranges. Definitely a hybrid, good heady feel and relaxing body vibes. Reminds me of the bud I smoked back in high school, very chill.

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    Ooooh, weeee and bursting with goodness.

    Posted by bubbler on Oct 16th 2023

    My nose smells the orange but other complex citrusy sorta notes as well as a spicy chi in the mix. The bouquet is intoxicating in and of itself. She’s a smooth smoker and a fast hitter. This is very nice medicine. My favorite thus far. I’m really inspired and interested in the direction Flow has taken. I’m very old school head. Most of my life as well as many friends were considered criminals for simply loving/ enjoying, growing cannabis, etc. which btw is a lifestyle a culture. Now they making medicine, looking for rare cannabinoids and making front page science.🫡 Fyi this review was written by my bubbler, while we were, um bubbling ORANGE DREAMSICLE and expending our horizons.

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    Best Flavor

    Posted by Noah on Oct 16th 2023

    The terps and effects on this bud are unlike anything else I have smoked or vaped, even among Flow's amazing buds. It is exactly like eating an orange dreamsicle for real--citrusy and mellow. Would definitely recommend it if you like sweeter flavors with nice uplifting effects.

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    Posted by Markus on Oct 16th 2023

    There are many of us who cant smoke type 1 because we get panic attacks and high levels of anxiety upon consumption. I've experimented a bit with type 2's and so far this is the only strain thats brought me back to the high school days when being high was fun. I get a euphoric, uplifting, happy and energetic buzz off this stuff and I never want it to end. This is my number 1 favorite strain across all type 1, 2, and 3 and I live in a legal state.