Monthly Subscription - Surprise Box

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Great deal! This monthly subscription includes a variety of Flows products...Dealers choice!! The box will include at least $100 worth of items!! Items will include: 2 1/8s of flower guaranteed, plus a mix of items such as: Gummies, Prerolls, Chillums, Concentrates, or Swag.

Your card will be charged monthly, on the same day of the month that you purchased the subscription. You will receive your box once a month. You will not know which varieties are included in your monthly subscription until you receive it. We will select the varieties by highest quality and curing time. By signing up for the subscription, you are agreeing to get the varieties Flowgardens provides. We plan to ship between the 20-25th of each month. The shipping day is subject to change based on harvest schedules. Please note that if you sign up/purchase the subscription after the 20th of any given month, you will not receive your first shipment until the following month.

You are not locked into a subscription. Cancel anytime. You will be able to manage your subscription on your flowgardens account through the website. If your card does not process successfully, then you will not receive your package for that month. 

If you have issues or questions about your subscription, please email

Thank you for being a loyal customer! We are super excited to provide you with these amazing, exotic flowers!