Living Soil Organic Flower


      Small Batch, Indoor Grown in Organic Living Soil

      Our living soil room is now used for our pheno hunts and running our current top strains in small batches. What is pheno hunting? Pheno hunting is the process of searching through many plants of a particular variety to find one (a phenotype) with dominant traits (smell, structure, cannabinoid content, ect...).

      The reason we do this, is not only to provide the latest, best genetics for our customers, it also gives you the choice to try the same genetic grown in two different indoor environments. Plus we may find new exciting cannabinoids along the way!

      The Living soil room is a no till, all organic flower room. Currently (2/17/22) we are on our 11th cycle of flower in the same soil. We amend it during and after each harvest to ensure the plants have everything they need. The flower grown in this room are more dense and have more overall terpenes than any other grow method.

      All of our flower are shipped in Calyx containers. 

      • UV Blocking
      • Maintains moisture levels
      • Child Resistant

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