Eraser V
Eraser V

Eraser V

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Don't judge a book by it's cover. This flower isn't the prettiest flower we've produced, but it's what's inside that counts. She contains 11 different cannabinoids, including THCv and CBDv and coming in at 24% total cannabinoids. The flavor is reminiscent of a peppermint patty. It has chocolate undertones, with a minty, menthol backend on the exhale. This cultivar bred by Floyd at Hoku Seed Co. is a golden egg and a true entourage experience.

Over 3% terps on this one. High in Terpinolene and Pinene

6% THCa, 2% THCv, 12% CBDa, 2% CBDv, 1% CBC, 1% CBG

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